20230821 Exploring New Frontiers: NerOcean Visits EPD's Buoy Maintenance Process!

We are excited to share that NerOcean had the incredible opportunity to visit the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) and witness their buoy maintenance process firsthand. As invited guests, we observed the consultants performing major maintenance on the buoy, which involved removing it from the water.

NerOcean EPD buoy maintenance

The buoy, equipped with various sensors, plays a crucial role in collecting essential environmental data for water and air quality, as well as weather information. This visit allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the intricate structure of the buoy, laying the foundation for future deployments of our DO sensors and Artificial Mussels.

NerOcean EPD buoy maintenance

By deploying NerOcean sensors, organizations like the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) can overcome the limitations of buoy maintenance costs. Our sensors are designed to be durable, reliable, and require minimal upkeep compared to traditional buoy-based monitoring systems. This reduction in maintenance requirements significantly lowers associated costs, making extended monitoring coverage and increased frequency more feasible.

Through the utilization of our sensors, EPD can achieve an expanded monitoring network that covers a wider range of locations and ensures more frequent data collection. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of water quality and environmental conditions throughout Hong Kong’s aquatic ecosystems.

NerOcean EPD buoy maintenance

This event exemplifies EPD’s strong commitment to supporting local innovation and technology development. It is evident that they recognize the significance of collaborating with NerOcean. We are honored to have their trust and look forward to working closely with the EPD in the future.

NerOcean EPD buoy maintenance

Our collaboration with EPD holds immense potential to accelerate the sustainable development of aquaculture and agriculture in Hong Kong. By leveraging our expertise and combining efforts, we can create innovative solutions that benefit both the environment and the local community.

We extend our gratitude to the EPD for the valuable opportunity to witness their buoy maintenance process. Together, we are determined to forge a path towards a more sustainable future.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this collaborative journey, striving to make a positive impact on aquaculture, agriculture, and environmental conservation in Hong Kong.

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