We build the Nerve of the Ocean with innovative sensors.


Hypoxia, which is low dissolved oxygen (DO) in water, is an imminent global environmental problem!

It often causes severe environmental damages and economic lost. Globally, the number of “dead zone” (the area that no living organism can be survived) related to hypoxia increased dramatically in the past 50 years. More than 400 dead zones have been reported in 2008. And it is predicted to reach more than 700 in 2021.

Therefore, dissolved oxygen monitoring is imminent and important for now and our future!


The current methods for DO measurements include on-site water sampling followed by Winkler titration in the laboratory, on-site measurement with the Clark-type electrode and optical-type sensor, and by the sensors installed on a buoy.

However, it is challenging for the long-term operation of these methods.

The DO level various hourly, daily, monthly, and seasonally due to the weather and temperature changes. Frequent measurement is required. And the spatial and vertical variation of DO require a large number of sensors to cover a large water body.

Yet, the sensor performance is affected by biofouling, which is the growth of biofilm on the sensors. Therefore, monthly/biweekly maintenance and replacement are needed, which further increase the cost for long-term continuous DO monitoring. such a frequent measurement required a large number of sensors, it is not cost-effective in remote areas for long-term DO measurements.


Our Solution

NerOcean believes that it is time to change from the basics!

New generation of dissolved oxygen sensors
– Replaceable DO sensing film

About Us

NerOcean – Nerve of the Ocean – is a company co-founded by a group of professional scientists from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). We are striving for the sustainable development of the marine ecosystem by commercialising our research output.
Our first product is the novel dissolved oxygen sensors using replaceable DO sensing film with novel mechanism. This new sensor would significantly reduce the maintenance cost of continuous water quality monitoring. In addition, this novel mechanism would be extendable to other water quality parameters.

Our Team

Dr. Ron NG C.-O.

Co-Founder/Director/Chief Scientist

Mr. Eric KWOK C.-L.

Senior Scientist

Dr. Ivy HO P.-Y.

Senior Research Associate

Miss Allison ZHONG Y.-C.

Assistant Engineer

Prof. Rudolf WU S.-S.


Dr. Vincent KO C.-C.




Our Services

Water Quality Control Consultancy​

Our professional water quality control consultancy helps you and your company to solve the water quality problems for reduce the cost and increase the profit.

Laboratory Accessory​

Our professionals with rich laboratory experience will work closely with you to design and tailor-make the laboratory accessory for you and your laboratory for your specific experiments.


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CityU HKTech 300 Seed Fund (Cohort 2, 2021-22)
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Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Ideation Programme (Cohort 7, 2021-22)
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