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Core Team Members

Ron NG

Director, Co-Founder
Ph.D. (Chemistry)

Ivy HO

Senior Research Associate
Ph.D. (Chemistry)


Senior Scientist
Ph.D. (Chemistry)

Allison ZHONG

Asisstant Engineer
BEng (Electronic Engineering)
Prof. Rudolf WU

Prof. Rudolf WU

Advisor, Co-Founder
Dr. Vincent KO

Dr. Vincent KO

Advisor, Co-Founder



Our Story

Great Success
Artificial Mussels (AM) - A breakthrough for water quality monitoring

A novel chemical sampling device, Artificial mussels (AM) for monitoring trace metals, was developed by a research team led by Prof. Rudolf WU. This method has been used in 30+ countries for toxic trace metals monitoring.

Can AM be used in dissolved oxygen monitoring?

Dissolved oxygen (OD) is the oxygen content in water. DO is essential for the survival of marine lives. However, the current methods for continuous DO monitoring is limited by the high cost of the sensors and their frequent maintenance.

Inspired by the Artificial mussels, Prof. Rudolf WU initiated the research on low-cost dissolved oxygen monitoring.

We did it!!
We made it possible!!

A novel dissolved oxygen monitoring method has been developed. This is the collaborative work of Prof. Rudolf WU (the Education University of Hong Kong) and Dr. Vincent KO (City University of Hong Kong).

Prototypes of the sensor using replaceable photo-sensing films for dissolved oxygen monitoring have also been produced by using 3D printing.

The sensor prototypes have been tested and validated on the fish raft of the State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution (SKLMP).

June 2021
Start it!
CityU HK Tech 300 Seed Fund

Our team received CityU HK Tech 300 Seed Fund. We started our work to commercialize our new generation of DO sensors!

August 2021
Journey begins
NerOcean Established!

With the support of CityU HK Tech 300 and SKLMP, NerOcean has been established. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective solution for sustainable environmental monitoring and management by our new generation of dissolved oxygen sensors using replaceable photo-sensing films.

March 2022
Award winning! Congraduations!!

Our innovative invention was recognized overseas and received a Silver Medal in the Innovation Geneva 2022.

June 2022
New achievement!

A new version of prototype has been developed and validated at AFCD’s monitoring site in Ma Nam Wat Aquaculture Zone.

May 2022
Funding Support

NerOcean received the EdUHK EASE Fund of HK$ 150K and Wofoo SDG Award!

July 2022
Funding Support
CityU HK Tech 300 Angel Investment Fund

NerOcean received Angel Investment Fund of HK$ 1M from CityU!

August 2022
Award winning! Congraduations!

Our sensors obtained Top 10 Best Innovation Award, Gold Medal and Special Award in iCAN 2022.

September 2022
HKSTP Incubation Programme

NerOcean successfully joined HKSTP Incubation Programme.

Our Story Has Just Started!