Our Services

Dissolved oxygen sensors

Our sensors are simple, low cost and high selectivity. Based on the edge-cutting technology developed by City University of Hong Kong and the Education University of Hong Kong, our sensors require least maintenance as the performance do not influence by bio-fouling. Providing a long-term vision of dissolved oxygen with less manpower and cost.

Dissolved oxygen monitoring system

Combined with IoT, we offer the dissolved oxygen monitoring system for marine aquaculture and hydroponic farms.

Water Quality Control Consultancy

Our professional water quality control consultancy helps you and your company to solve the water quality problems for reduce the cost and increase the profit.

Farming Strategy Consultancy

No matter aquaculture or agriculture, oxygen is essential for the survival and health of plants and aqua life. With our professional environmental and marine scientists, we provide the most suitable advice to increase the yield.

Laboratory Accessory

Our professionals with rich laboratory experience will work closely with you to design and tailor-make the laboratory accessory for you and your laboratory for your specific experiments.