June 2023

20230615 Sharing Workshop on Industry-University-Research Cooperation

20230615 Sharing Workshop on Industry-University-Research Cooperation I am pleased to share that NerOcean recently participated in the Sharing Workshop on Industry-University-Research Cooperation on 15 June 2023. The workshop aimed to promote collaboration between industry, universities, and research institutions, featuring renowned academic experts, presidents or representatives from the maritime industry, and investors. The event included a field visit to CMHK Dockyard, one of the largest dockyards in Hong Kong, as well as sharing and discussion sessions at the HKUST Conference Lodge. Dr. Samson Tam, JP, NerOcean’s mentor (HK Tech 300), gave a Keynote Lecture and shared his insights on how the government, industry, and universities can support the transformation of knowledge. In addition, it was the session led by Prof. Rudolf WU, one of NerOcean’s Advisors and a top academic expert, held a sharing session with Dr. Polly NG, President and CEO at BWSea Technology (Shanghai) Co. Limited, and Mr. Vincent CHENG, CEO at Ocean Science (Hong Kong) Limited. Their discussion provided valuable insights from both academic and industry perspectives. We are grateful to Prof. Rudolf WU for inviting us to join this sharing workshop and for his effort in holding such an informative session. We also want to acknowledge Prof. Pei-Yuen QIAN for his efforts in organizing the event and bringing together a diverse group of experts and professionals As a technical startup company, NerOcean is committed to promoting sustainable ocean resources. We believe that collaboration between industry, universities, and research institutions is essential to achieving this goal. With our new dissolved oxygen sensor technology and Artificial Mussels, we will work hard to be the bridge that connects the university and the industry. Our innovative solutions will contribute to the sustainable future of our oceans. Thank you to all the organizers and participants for making this event successful.

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20230613 HKSTP Ideation Graduation

Celebrating Milestones: NerOcean Shines at HKSTP Graduation Ceremony! We are thrilled to announce that NerOcean has made significant progress in our entrepreneurial journey! As a testament to our dedication and hard work, we were invited to attend the prestigious “HKSTP Ideation & Incubation Programmes Graduation Ceremony 2023” held on June 13, 2023, at the remarkable INNO2, 2/F, Building 17W, Hong Kong Science Park. During the ceremony, our CEO, Ron NG, had the pleasure of reconnecting with old friends from other startup ventures who had also participated in the program. It was a joyous reunion filled with shared memories, experiences, and invaluable insights. Moreover, Ron had the opportunity to forge new connections with talented individuals from various graduated startup companies. The event provided a platform for us to expand our network and foster collaborations with other passionate innovators. We are grateful to HKSTP for organizing such a remarkable event that celebrates the achievements of the entrepreneurial community. It was an incredible experience to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share our passion for innovation and growth. This milestone marks a significant step forward for NerOcean as we continue to develop cutting-edge technologies for monitoring marine ecosystems. We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment and ensuring the sustainability of our precious oceans. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our team, mentors, and supporters for their unwavering dedication and belief in our vision. Your support has been instrumental in our journey, and we are excited to embark on the next phase of growth and collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to revolutionize the field of marine monitoring and conservation! Click here

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20230531 EdUHK EASE Fund Tour in Shenzhen

EdUHK EASE Fund Tour in Shenzhen NerOcean had the pleasure of joining the EdUHK EASE Fund team, along with Sam CHENG (CTO) and Ivy HO (Chief Scientist), on a recent visit tour to Shenzhen, where we learned more about the entrepreneurship ecosystem and support in the region. During the tour, we visited some remarkable organizations, including BYD Company Limited, where we had the opportunity to learn more about the latest technology developments in Shenzhen. We also had the chance to visit the Shenzhen Social Commonweal Foundation, where we had a fruitful discussion with local startup companies. The Shenzhen Hongkong Macau Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubator also gave us an insightful presentation on how they help startup companies connect with the industry. Lastly, we visited the Hong Kong Science Park Shenzhen Branch, where we learned more about the support provided by HK Science Park. It was an eye-opening experience, and we’re excited to bring back the insights gained from this visit tour to support entrepreneurship and innovation in Hong Kong. Thank you, EdUHK EASE Fund, for organizing this informative and engaging trip.

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