20231130 NerOcean Makes Waves at the 10th Meet Taipei 2023: Showcasing Cutting-Edge Made-in-HK Ocean Technologies

NerOcean Meet Taipei 2023

We have some thrilling updates to share with you all! NerOcean recently had the incredible opportunity to participate in the esteemed exhibition event, “10th Meet Taipei 2023,” held at TaiNEX 2 of Nangang International Exhibition Center in Taipei. From November 30th to December 2nd, our talented team, represented by Dr. Ivy HO (Chief Scientist) and Dr. Sam CHENG (CTO), showcased our latest cutting-edge ocean technologies proudly made in Hong Kong.

We are grateful to have received the generous support of EdUHK (The Education University of Hong Kong) for this event. Their support enabled us to participate in “10th Meet Taipei 2023” and present our innovative technologies on an international stage.

“10th Meet Taipei” provided an excellent platform for us to connect with industry professionals, enthusiasts, and like-minded individuals who share our passion for ocean technology. We had the opportunity to demonstrate our innovative solutions and engage in meaningful discussions about the future of the industry.

Dr. Ivy HO, our esteemed Chief Scientist, brought her expertise and insights to the event, captivating the audience with her knowledge and enthusiasm. Dr. Sam CHENG, our brilliant CTO, showcased our latest technological advancements, highlighting our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the field.

NerOcean Meet Taipei booth

We are immensely proud to represent Hong Kong’s thriving tech scene and showcase our made-in-HK ocean technologies on an international stage. The event provided us with valuable networking opportunities and the chance to strengthen partnerships with industry leaders.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to EdUHK for their support and belief in our mission. Their contribution has played a crucial role in making our participation in “10th Meet Taipei” a reality.

NerOcean Meet Taipei 2023

At NerOcean, we remain steadfast in our mission to revolutionize ocean technology and contribute to the betterment of our marine environment. Through events like “10th Meet Taipei,” we can share our vision and collaborate with industry experts to drive positive change.

NerOcean Meet Taipei 2023

We would also like to express our gratitude to all our friends, partners, and supporters who have been instrumental in our journey. Your unwavering support fuels our passion and motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

NerOcean Meet Taipei 2023
NerOcean Meet Taipei 2023

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on exciting new ventures and continue our quest to make a lasting impact on the world’s oceans.

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