20230629 Breaking Boundaries: NerOcean and EPD Forge Collaboration for Water Quality Innovation!

We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between NerOcean and the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of Hong Kong. During a recent meeting, Dr. Ron NG, CEO of NerOcean, and our advisor, Dr. YANG Yi, shared our advanced DO sensors and Artificial Mussels technologies with the EPD.

The EPD’s water quality management team, led by Dr. Ron YANG Rong, Assistant Director of EPD, showed great interest in our technologies. They expressed a strong desire to collaborate with NerOcean for a trial of our DO sensors and Artificial Mussels. We had detailed discussions about the collaboration’s direction and details, resulting in a solid plan.

This collaboration is a significant step towards our goal of revolutionizing water quality management and marine conservation. By joining forces with the EPD, we’ll combine our expertise and resources to protect Hong Kong’s water resources and create a healthier environment.

We’re grateful for the EPD’s interest and support. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this collaborative journey, pushing the boundaries of innovation in water quality management!

NerOcean EPD meeting

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