Artificial Mussels for radioactive material monitoring

We are proud to announce that our research teams, led by Prof. Rudolf WU (EdUHK) and Prof. Vincent KO (CityU) developed a groundbreaking technology for monitoring the levels of radioactive material in seawater. This device, called “Artificial Mussels:, has been published in the international journal, Journal of Ocean Science and Engineering, and we believe it will become a reliable technology for radioactive material monitoring in the ocean.

The “Artificial Mussels” technology, developed by Prof. Rudolf Wu 10 years before, shares similarities with natural mussels’ ability to absorb heavy metals. Over 29 countries worldwide have already used this innovative technology to monitor heavy metal ions in seawater.

From left to right, Prof. Vincent KO (CityU), Prof. Rudolf WU (EdUHK), Dr. Yvonne YANG (SKLMP)

As concerns mount over the risks of marine nuclear pollution, we have discovered that the “Artificial Mussels” have the capacity to absorb radioactive materials to saturation within just 7-8 weeks. This breakthrough makes it possible to detect the levels and continuous changes of multiple metals in the ocean in a single process.

Compared to traditional methods, which require the collection of hundreds of liters of seawater and complicated sampling and preliminary work, the “Artificial Mussels” are much more cost-effective, costing only US$ 1 each. This makes it more suitable for long-term and large-scale sewage monitoring. We believe that the “Artificial Mussels” can help governments worldwide regularly inspect water for nuclear pollution at low cost and high efficiency to safeguard the environment and food safety.

With NerOcean’s expertise in modification and commercialization, we are confident that the “Artificial Mussels” will be further optimized for efficiency and effectiveness. We look forward to continuing to develop innovative solutions that promote the sustainability of environmental monitoring and management.

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Prof. Rudolf WU is sharing how the radioactive materials in the ocean affecting our health.
Dr. Yvonne YANG is introducing the operation of the "Artificial Mussels".
Prof. Vincent KO is introducing the working principle of the "Artificial Mussels".
Video taking in SKLMP (EdUHK Branch lab).

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