2nd Field test on AFCD’s water quality monitoring site

We’re delighted to announce that our company has successfully conducted a field test of our new dissolved oxygen sensor version in collaboration with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD). The test was performed on a monitoring site located on a small raft in the Ma Nam Wat aquaculture zone.

Despite several postponements due to inclement weather, we were able to complete the field test successfully yesterday. We’re grateful to the AFCD staff and captain of Fisheries 4 for providing us with safe working conditions during the testing period. Their care and consideration were much appreciated.

This field test represents a significant milestone for us in the development of cost-effective solutions for sustainable water quality monitoring and management. We’re proud to collaborate with AFCD towards promoting the transformation of aquaculture and agriculture in Hong Kong.

Thanks to AFCD for their support and partnership in this project.

2nd Field Test on AFCD's monitoring site
Dr. Sam CHENG, CTO at NerOcean
2nd Field Test on AFCD's monitoring site
Captain and staff on Fisheries 4 helps to fix the vessel to the monitoring site.
2nd Field Test at AFCD's monitoring site at Ma Nam Wat.
NerOcean sensor is deported at AFCD's monitoring site at Ma Nam Wat.

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